Tech Specs
Number of Files: 14 Length: 14 minutes+ Size Unpacked: 0.48 Gb Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit Gear Used: Rode NT-4 stereo mic and MixPre-6 audio recorder. Other Info: Not Meta-Tagged


Believe me or not but this is exactly what you see in library title - Small Town Ambiences! Captured with professional Sound Devices recorder and low-noise microphone those recordings may fill gaps in film scene between phrases, create mood in music track or add some realism to your game! What could i say, just try it. For more info about sounds in this library check the DEMO! High quality royalty free ambient sounds prepared for professional sound editors and sound designers, suitable for film post production, animation, games, apps, music and whatever you want!

Story behind the Library

So ... what kind of story do you want to hear? How I'd break through the ranks of enemies, waving my microphones away from orcs and dragons? Ha! Yes, I pretty sure i remember something like that! But... in fact, the recording of atmospheres is not so fascinating and full of exciting moments. Actually, this is pretty boring staff. You just walk around, listen to surroundings and hit "rec" button sometimes. And know what? It's awesome!
Just keep in mind some essential tips about soundscapes' recording. First of all, take as small rig as you could! Any additional kilo in your bag will exhaust your strength over time. Secondly, go away from any noise source (e.g. machinery, kids, animals). Don't warp into another galaxy! Just keep a distance, especially if you want to capture nature sounds. And finally, BE QUITE! As quite as you could, don't fidget, don't eat, don't drink while you record ambiances! Those sounds so subtle and elegant, just try to listen to it and enjoy the process.
- Sincerely, Nicolas

Why Gumroad?

Gumroad is incredibly fast and secure (for me and for you as well). Additional benefit - downloading this product on Gumroad will also give you access to future updates! You will receive an email notification for each update of sound packs and be able to download the newest addition from my super cool store page. If you still have any doubts, just contact me, and i'll answer your questions.
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