Tech Specs
Number of Files: 28 Length: 12 minutes+ Size Unpacked: 0.22 Gb Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit Gear Used: Oktava МК-105 condenser mic and Focusrite Scarlett audio interface. Other Info: Meta-tagged


Looking for hen or rooster recordings but all stock audios don't deliver you warm homey feeling of grandpa's farm? You found right place! Close recordings of all that 'bok-bok' cacklings, groans and feather movements - all that you'll find in this special release. Don't believe me? Check the DEMO! High quality royalty free sounds prepared for professional sound editors and sound designers. Suitable for film post production, animation, games, apps, music and whatever you want! Imagine yourself on the farm, add some neat chicken sound to film scene or fill your game level with agile hens, just fire up your imagination!

Story behind the Library

Some time ago, I and a friend of mine have met a local farmer who was happy to participate in our unusual "field recording" activity. I used to record birds before but in the case of the poultry, the situation is slightly different. Those pretty chicks are all ready to make some noise! However, not long after you enter their house they get used to your presence and recordings go much smoother! It was a wonderful experience and a splendid day spent making these recordings in the coop with poultry.
For those who want to repeat our recording adventure, there are few tips. In order to record atmosphere in the hen house arrange a couple of Omni microphones, and one more condenser microphone with a cardioid pattern for close-up recordings of chickens. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty! It's not as scary as it gets at first sight! Even lots of fun!
- Sincerely, Nicolas

Why Gumroad?

Gumroad is incredibly fast and secure (for me and for you as well). Additional benefit - downloading this product on Gumroad will also give you access to future updates! You will receive an email notification for each update of sound packs and be able to download the newest addition from my super cool store page. If you still have any doubts, just contact me, and i'll answer your questions.
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