Small Town Ambience

Believe me or not but this is exactly what you see in library title – Small Town Ambiences! Captured with professional Sound Devices recorder and low-noise microphone those recordings may fill gaps in film scene between phrases, create mood in music track or add some realism to your game! What Read more…


Looking for hen or rooster recordings but all stock audios don’t deliver you warm homey feeling of grandpa’s farm? You found right place! Close recordings of all that ‘bok-bok’ cacklings, groans and feather movements – all that you’ll find in this special release. Don’t believe me? Check the DEMO! Try Read more…

Old Soviet Radio SFX

Meticulously recorded old Soviet (USSR) radio with the significant sound of AM/FM frequency band switching, button clicks and clunks. Detailed resonance of the case infuse a unique vintage charm into the sound library. Try for free!

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