About Me


Official name of mine is Nikolay Kaplya, though many folks know me as Nicolas Nimlos, I'm sound recordist, audio editor and sound designer for games, since midsummer of 2018! I started my sound recording activity in 2013, while i've studied sound engineering in Rostov State Conservatory. After that point i did much self-taught practice in sound design and game audio. Probably, it can be called my Professional hobby, but I really keen on all that sound stuff and would like to do it for living. In the beginning of 2017 I decide to make little neat sound effects libraries both for free exchange and for sale to compensate time and efforts spent on sound recording and editing. This packs mainly suited for "indie" game devs, but also helpful as sound design kits for movies and video clips. I did video editing by myself while ago, i.e. know what I talking about. Also i do freelance sound editing work especially on UpWork platform.

The prime idea: to make the most convenient thematic collections suitable for sound design and "foley" sound (for games especially), to eliminate the need of additional personnel hiring and purchasing of pricey equipment to allow you to concentrate on other important sides of your awesome projects.

  • Cubase Pro 10
  • Reaper 5
VST Plugins
  • iZotope RX7
  • iZotope Ozone 8
  • FabFilter Plugins
  • NI Komplete 12
  • Sound Toys Plugins
  • Slate Digital Plugins
  • Plogue 8bit Chips
  • Sugar Bytes Plugins
  • U-he Plugins
  • Waves Plugins
  • To be continued...
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity3D Engine
  • Audiokinetic Wwise
  • FMOD middleware
  • Soundly Metadata App
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Advanced Renamer

Field Recording Setup
  1. ATH-M50x
  2. Sound Devices MixPre-D
  3. Tascam DR-100Mk3
  4. Sound Devices MixPre-6
  5. RØDE Mini Boompole
  1. LCT 440 pure stereo kit
  2. Røde NTG3 Shotgun
  3. Røde NT4 Stereo Mic
  4. AT 2050 Condenser
  5. DPA 4060 stereo kit
Studio Gear
  1. M-Audio ProFire 610
  2. Beyerdynamic DT 990
  3. K&M stands and accessories
  4. XLR/TR/TRS cables
  5. Arturia midi controller

Recording Equipment

Outside the studio

I prefer to produce top-quality sound while into the field, so I have to rely only on my own equipment since customers rarely provide devices of the required quality level. In these situations, I take my trusted DPA 4060, which perhaps the best "lavs" i know, and almighty Sound Devices MixPre-D mixer, mic preamps of which are comparable in "signal to noise" ratio with best studio gear that costs thousands of dollars. As recording medium I prefere to use MixPre-6 recorder. Manufacturers supply such small device with an awesome preamps featured -130dBV noise floor, quite enough for nature recordings I love so much! Though for some cases I pick compact Tascam DR100Mk3. While I do sound-for-film work next to the sound source I choose the Rode NTG3 microphone and the two-meter Rode Mini Boompole, which's quite enough for interviews as well.

Indoor recording

At the post-production stage for films or interviews sometimes best sound solution is ADR technique (automatic dialog replacement). No matter how expensive used equipment was, there are cases when conditions in the field didn't allow to get an acceptable result. In those cases I grab actors and clients to my studio and replace failed takes or the entire track with a clean studio recording. I use my M-Audio ProFire 610 audio card with an attached AT 2050 microphone, it provide 3 different directional patterns (circle, eight, cardioid) to use accordingly the situation. Other microphones also helpful, Rode NTG3 is great for both re-recording or studio interviews. Sound monitoring I usually make through the headphones ATH-M50x ("close"), less often through the Beyerdynamic DT 990 as their "open" design allow sound to pass from the outside.

Would like to offer me a collaboration?