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Well, then you will have a fascinating journey through historical landmarks that changed my destiny and life style once and for all. Lean back in your comfortable armchairs and brew a fragrant tea, this will set the desired mood.

Field Sound Recording

Sound recording is an important part of my life's journey. One day I made a recording of an ordinary metal teapot whistling on kitchen stove. So... I became involved in the "field recording".

Computer Technology

It's hard to imagine what could I do without appearing of a powerful PC at my disposal. With such instrument many previously unavailable forms of creativity became commonplace.

Travelling and Tourism

Travels not only give a lot of impressions, but also reveal new events, animals and human activity ... all that inspires me from day to day to unpack a microphone and press "record" button.

Technical Knowledge

It is unclear what came to me before - the passion for technology or my rather technological hobbies provoked a keen interest to new and not so new inventions of man civilization.

Social Communication

In the age of the Internet it's much easier to find those who are close in mind, spirit and interest, to choose a worthy employment, to obtain the scarce information and share own thoughts with community.

Quality Improvement

Good recordings cannot be made with simple consumer appliances, in otherwise case everyone around would been a "pro". Just think - why people with expensive equipment and engineer skills still exist?


My most cherished life's goal is a creation of an interesting and high-quality product for which I would never be ashamed by myself or by the client. It so happened that fate leads me to the sound for video production. Of course, my final destination point was and remains the sound for games and the media content close to the gaming industry, and I will continue to go in this direction. In any case, experience does not happen with a minus sign, the experience is always positive, and I'm glad that I can multiply it by doing what I love.


If you are still lost in guesswork about what kind of work I've been doing in the last few years, I hope these magnificent illustrations will uncover the veil of secrecy, even if only slightly. I can not help but mention that I'm not just record but also utilize my skills for musical creativity, if this noise could be determined as "music", of course.

Eccentric Creator

Life without creating something unusual and unique for me - would be nothing.

Sound Adept

When I go on the road, my portable recorder is always with me.

Seeker of New Horizons

Each step I meke to meet a new discovery, a new sound landscape.

Collector of Antiquities

Why do I need this stuff? In the old days I draw inspiration... btw it looks cool!


There is no thing easier! I am always open for communication, especially on topics related to creativity of any kind, whether it be music, painting, video editing, creation of interesting costumes or roleplay. No chance to meet with me in real life? Write me on FB/Vk or mail!